Calzificio Carol

Calzificio Carol is a modern and concrete production reality that is based on innovation, research, professionalism and competence at the customer’s service.

Structured exclusively for the Private Label market, it offers quality products in line with market trends and the requirements of MADE IN ITALY.

Modern technology and careful quality controls ensure top quality products.

The production process is divided into 4 phases:

  • Knitting, pre-boarding, quality control
  • Sewing
  • Boarding and dyeing house
  • Packaging

The production of Calzificio Carol offers a wide range of hosiery items, both in women’s and children’s line, classic, modeling, maternity and fashion, made with high quality yarns and subject to continuous quality control.

The company, being focused on customer needs, also offers the possibility of buying semi-finished products in crude.

The aim of the different collections is to develop products that fully satisfy the customer. Moreover, the company pays particular attention to the environment using eco-sustainable materials for the well-being of women’s legs.

Calzificio Carol is a safe point of reference for all customs who want to offer customized and tailored products with innovative design.