Hosiery Production



The production of each item for women and girls is completely internalized. Numerous daily checks attest the quality level and oversee the activity of the machinery by checking the correct measurements of the product’s sizes.


This is an important step to make the knitted tubes less delicate and easy to handle during the next phases. This process is fundamental on the lighter items and on the big sizes.


During the sewing phase, the raw tubes turn into a pair of tights. The seam can be distinguished in two different ways: 4-needle seam (manual flat seam) and automatic seam (overlock). If requested, gusset application is possible.
A second quality control is performed during this phase.

Boarding and dyeing house

The product is ironed on straight shapes or fixed on foot forms. In this way, it acquires added value and is prepared for dyeing.
Each item is always dyed in compliance with the strictest quality standards guaranteed by the OekoTex standard 100 certification.
After the last checks on measurements and color analysis, the item is approved and dried.



The finished product is packed according to the customer’s specific methods.
After the final check, both of the product and the package, the tights are officially ready for sale.